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'We invite skilled workers with good hands and the right attitude to come and work with us!'

DMjob is looking for the best skilled workers for its clients in the metal and engineering industry. Often it proves impossible to find the skilled workers we need in the Netherlands. DMjob works with partner organisations in Spain and Poland to select skilled workers.

If you would like to be considered for a job in the Netherlands, you will be tested on your social competencies and work skills. For instance, you will be given a project or practical test to see if your knowledge meets the Dutch standards.

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Well organised

DMjob will do its best to help you settle into your new life in the Netherlands. You will receive language lessons, and we will help with good accommodation and insurance.

Getting down to work in the Netherlands

Are you interested in great skilled work in the Netherlands? Are you educated and motivated? Do you already speak English? Fill out the form and we will contact you if we also see the possibilities.